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Reviewed in Australia on 8 August 2019
The all new Kindle 6" 2019 is an awesome little gadget with an even more awesome price tag!

I'm new to the Kindle life. This model is my very first. I bought the device a few weeks ago now, and have been thoroughly enjoying the whole experience.

I was initially drawn to this model due to its affordability. Being a poor, full time University student, I'm unable to afford the higher end models. However, this particular model does everything I want and need it to, all for a great price!

Here are my pros and cons from my experience so far. Cons first:

*I wish the outside casing material didn't have such a smooth, slippery and "papery" feel to it. It would be much easier to hold if the material had a silicone feel for better grip.
I assume that because this model has only been newly released, there aren't many cases/skins available for it yet.

*Unlike the new Paperwhite, this model isn't waterproof.

*Sometimes the operating system tends to be a little slow at times. Which can be a little frustrating.

*The sensitivity of the touch screen could be a bit more sensitive. I guess I'm more used to the touch screen sensitivity of my Samsung Galaxy S9 plus. But sometimes with the Kindle, I have to press a bit harder and longer.

*The way the screen refreshes could be a lot better. This is definitely my main complaint. I know that Kindles only use a very basic and simple operating system. But, I don't like how the text and images turn black for a moment before displaying the content. It makes it feel a bit "cheap", I guess.

And now for the pros.

Some of my favourite features, (most of which are available on all Kindles, I think) are:

*The new built-in front light makes reading your Kindle in any kind of light very easy. It's so much better for our eyes.

*If you don't know the definition of a word in your book, you can simply hold your finger down on that particular word to highlight it, and the Kindle will display a little pop-up box with the definition. This makes it so much easier and faster than having to leave your book and search for the definition elsewhere. You can simply get the definition very quickly, then continue your reading.

*You can turn on a feature that subtly underlines popular sentences, paragraphs, quotes etc that many other people have highlighted when reading the book. I find this pretty cool.

*You can easily write and save any notes you may want to keep anywhere in the book. You can access these notes and highlights in your Kindle library.

*Having access the Goodreads app on the Kindle is also great. You can also sync your Kindle and Goodreads accounts, so everything stays up to date.

*The battery life is amazing! A single charge lasts weeks, not days!

*The reading settings are fantastic and plentiful. You can fully customise the font type, font size and much, much more.

Overall, (especially for the low price), the all new Kindle 6" 2019 is a great little device. It does everything it's supposed to do, does everything I want it to do, and most of all allows me to escape into the magical world of reading anywhere at any time, all on a perfectly sized device that fits in the palm of my hand!

I would definitely recommend this product, especially for those new to Kindle reading.
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