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Reviewed in Australia on 23 December 2020
There is unverified misinformation on the website, that you can play music to multiple echo devices at the same time, using Alexa. While Alexa allows you to play random songs it chooses, it does not let you play the music of your choice from Amazon Music Unlimited to a group of speakers there is no link between Alexa and Amazon Music. If you want to play Amazon Music you can stream using the devices mobile Bluetooth Device, I am not sure what Involvement Alexa has. Personally the AI feature is useful if you have a visual impairment or a physical disability, if this is not the case, there should be allowance for people to stream the music without having to talk to a device. I talked to three agents yesterday they just parroted the marketing material of the company without thinking about the problem. Any sound system allows you to stream and select the music you want to play without having to talk to it and wasting your voice. Apparently you have to create a play list in Amazon music , when completed it doesn't show in Alexa anyway, so there is no point, there is no link between Alexa and Amazon Music. I personally don't want to talk to electronic devices unless there is a purpose, don't use AI for the sake of using AI, this is not innovation. Ultimately you can't stream from amazon music to a group of speakers via Alexa as advertised on Alexa and Echo were both Innovated in the USA so why can't it work in Australia, its ok if you are working on it, but don't put misinformation on your websites.
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