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22 June 2017
Martha Wells has always been masterful at creating characters, human or not, with distinctive personalities; and writing stories that touch the reader profoundly without any loss of pace and action. This time around we meet a security 'bot made up of organic and inorganic parts. It calls itself Murderbot (we will learn why), and has hacked its governor so that it is a free agent, although the humans it is contracted to protect do not know that. It does not like to interact with humans because "murderbot + actual humans = awkwardness". It does like to watch streamed entertainment and wishes to be left alone to enjoy the next episodes of its favourite serials in peace.
The team loses contact with the neighbouring survey team; and it is in the unfolding of their investigation into this mystery and the escalating threat to their safety that we get to know the humans that comprise the survey team and the dynamics that govern their interaction among themselves and with their security unit. There is deadly danger and lots of action and we see how cleverness and trust in each other can overcome superior odds. I can't wait for the next story.
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4.1 out of 5 stars