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Reviewed in Australia on 17 September 2020
Playing with Fire is an all new emotional and angst stand-alone book. It is a full length slow burn, bad boy college romance book that you are all going to love.

Finishing this books moments ago, I am a little bit stumped on what to say.

With what I am going to say, I know I am not the only one. Lately I have found that that this authors recent releases have been missing something that we used to see from her earlier on.

With this book, I had such high expectations and it’s safe to say I absolutely enjoyed this one. I may not have loved it, but it was close to it. I felt in a way we were starting to see this author creep her way back but as I flipped through those pages, I was still waiting for the wow factor that I know this authors slays.

Going into this book, I went in completely blind. As I was so hyped about this book, everyone was hyping this book. As the journey went on with this book, I found myself falling in love with the storyline that was developing and falling even more in love with this emotional and heartbreaking story about these characters.

From there, I was hooked! It consumed me like no other. I just had to keep reading to find out how this characters story was going to go.

This book will take you on an emotional roller coaster as this book digs deep on the feels. To be complete honest, this author tackles some real life issues, feelings that most people in their life time will experience.

One thing that stood out in this book was the self discovery and the inner piece that these characters needed to conquer. Their story required them to find piece and acceptance in the grief that one harbour because holding that in for so long will take you down the dark road that you may not come back from. Us females and males will relate, learning to love who you are besides what you look like. Own who you are, don’t hide yourself and rise like the Phoenix you are.

Reading the blurb, you have this picture of what this story could be but nothing could prepare me for what was brought to the table. Expect the unexpected with this book as secrets and lies are exposed. The twist and turns that take place and the Rocky road that these two have to face to get to their HEA.

Together these characters are two broken souls that connect. From the moment they met, they turned each other’s life’s upside down. They smashed each other’s walls down, they saw each other’s best and worse and above it all they helped each other face their fears, insecurities and loneliness. They complete each other and I am just in love with them.

Prepare yourself to play with Fire but are you ready to get burned?
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