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Customer Review

11 January 2019
I don't think any review I could write would do justice to how I felt about this book. When I found out Belle was writing a third book I was like a kid at Christmas waiting for my special gift, I so so excited. I re read Raw before reading this one to reacquaint myself with the book and the characters; I had forgotten just how much I had enjoyed Raw and especially Twitch. So onward and forward and into Raw Rebirth I went, and WOW it was sooooo much more than I expected. I can honestly say I am in awe of this book, I'm in serious love with the man himself - Twitch and the whole scenario they find themselves in.

Twitch and Lexi finally get to finish their story but not without lots of drama and nail biting moments along the way. I adored how the relationship between Twitch and Lexi was explored and developed even more than Raw, this was a different Twitch; don't get me wrong he was still that sexy damaged bad boy we all came to love but with more heart this time round, he's developed more with Lexi's help, he grew a pair if you like, he is just a gorgeous man to read about. Lexi, well she's my girl. Strong, loyal, with a heart as big as the moon; if you would want anyone in your corner it would be Lexi. And then there was AJ, oh my this little boy stole my heart nearly as much as his Dad did. Such a sweetheart, he was a little man with a grown up head on his shoulders, so cute.

All in all we get all the characters from Raw on board; Julius, Happy, and the notorious bad girl Ling, and a few new faces as well. A fantastic story which will at times have you on the edge of your seat biting your nails down to the quick and hold your breath moments when your heart will literally skip a few beats and some of the most wonderful heartwarming moments that made my heart full. Add some of the most erotic sexiest scene's from the delicious Twitch and Lexi which will leave you fanning yourself and asking yourself where can I go get a Twitch; chapter 20 alone is worth its weight in gold, oh your so in for a treat !!! With endless excitement and anticipation like no other, with so many twists your head will spin, this book is the BOMB !!!

Thank you Bella Aurora so much for writing this book, it has given me so much pleasure, but truthfully I actually cried when it ended; I really didn't want to let them go.

Don't miss reading this phenomenal book but a word of advise - re read Raw again first and soak in it, then go and immerse yourself in this book next and if you haven't read either - what you waiting for, go one click NOW !!
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4.8 out of 5 stars