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Reviewed in Australia on 31 May 2016
The Fate of Ten, part 6 in the Lorien Legacies, and the 18th part in the ‘I am Number Four’ series overall, has not lost any of the momentum gained during earlier books. Each of the major characters has now come into their own, not only with their abilities, but also with a level of maturity in understanding their position within the group and the situation as a whole.
John (Number 4) has clearly defined his role as leader, and everyone is happy to follow him, giving advice where needed. Six takes the role of his second in charge, and seems to offer him strategy, but also a trusted team leader for a second strike team when needed. Nine and Marina offer up much needed abilities and advice as needed.
It makes for a very interesting character story.
Fate of Ten also sees the ancillary characters Sarah, Malcolm and Sam get some action, with Sam actually getting a Legacy (from the end of Revenge of Seven), and having a bigger role to play now. It also sees Mark James and GUARD included in the story from the Lost Files, bringing the entire crew together for the first time in any of the books.
This story starts off with a young girl, a human, suddenly realising she has telekinesis, and we are lead to believe, that it is not only Sam that has gained a Legacy.
The main part of the story is split into two segments again, John and his team in New York, having had their chance at Setrakus Ra and failed, now having to deal with the devastation of New York. John is with Sam, leading a group of civilians through the undercity looking for survivors and help. Nine is still missing after his epic confrontation with Five.
Six and her team are still stranded at the Lorien Sanctuary, thanks to a Mogadorian, not realising what has occurred in New York.
And this is where the story gets really interesting. The Human Race (or the US Govt at least) is not willing to side with the Loric as yet, in fear of retribution. Setrakus Ra is heading to the Sanctuary for some malicious purpose, and Ella, who has telepathically contacted John, has given him a foreboding prophecy of Garde Doom if any are there when he reaches it.
To say that this book doesn’t disappoint is an understatement. There are some epic battles, awesome use of abilities, we learn some fascinating stuff about Lorien, the Loric and some major plot twists that start to tie the whole story together. Underlying questions from earlier in the series are answered, but there are some new ones as well.
Best of all is the growth of the characters. Most of the characters really take an epic leap in this book, I'm not sure if it's a different author, or they just had a bit of coaching, or what, but the character development has shifted into overdrive.
Ella’s character is brilliant, leaving you drained at times after reading about her (without trying to give too much away).
John, Number 4, is exceptionally well written, as the 16yr old, thrust into this role as the leader of an interstellar strike force that has to take down a galactic warlord with little or no mentoring. You can really feel his pain and angst with each decision. Even Nine, as the almost comic relief, is used cleverly to provide a break in dramatic moments, unless the author wants to convey something, and then he uses Nine to give a bit of an extra emotional edge. Marina is not only the moral compass for the story, but actually makes you think – what would you do?
This is a brilliant and cleverly written Alien Superhero story that just gets better with each of the main books, and I cannot wait for the conclusion, especially after some of the plot twists revealed in this book.
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