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1 May 2019
Firstly I think the design overall is great in such a small and useful 1 inch cube device (approx). 5 star.
The quality of the 4k image is quite good providing the view is all relatively similar brightness but nowhere as good even as a simple mobile phone. 4 star.
If looking toward view with light and shade then the light parts will white out. 2 star.
Image has a poor barrel lens and is not in focus across lens showing poor quality different focal length across lens. 1 star.
No method to turn off the red and Blue lights in the device. 3 stars.
Battery life approx 2 hours so cannot be used for anything other than a toy. This feature is difficult to assess because a larger battery requires a larger device but accept that to be useful it must be connected to a power supply then OK but designers should reduce the heat output by derating the electronics to run cooler. 1 star as battery powered device 4 star as powered device.
4k image OK, 4 star. 2k image compressed horizontally, 2 star. 1080 pixelated, 2 star. 720 not watchable, 1 star.
Software, its a dog a 5 year old would be able to do better. 1 star.
Instructions, what instructions. 1 star.
Overall fantastic design but let down by absolutely disgusting quality. Its going back.
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