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Reviewed in Australia on 31 January 2017
One of my favourite book series out there, have read them so often, they are great to read in bed and relax, you will not be disappointed.
Even though I have all these books individually I love having them in a box set for easy rereading.
A lot of fun crazy characters that are bought together by Gerri, a very good matchmaker.
Reviews have been posted individually as well.
Love the characters in this shifter world of Aurora.
What do you do about a stubborn dragon shifter who is dying due to not finding his mate? Get him to meet Rebecca (Becca) the good friend of Bella and sister of Charlotte.
Becca has come for a visit with Gerri but Gerri is up to her matchmaking as usual. Becca would love a hot shifter who loves her curves and for herself but when she meets a rude and scruffy Vikter, she wonders why she is drawn to him. Is it the sadness she senses?
Becca and Vikter cannot keep their hands off each other but Vikter keeps blowing hot and cold and Becca has had enough.
Vikter wants Becca but doesn’t want her getting attached to him believing he is dying. His reasons are sound but as his communication with his dragon is failing his dragon cannot tell him Becca is their mate.
When two tattoos of a gold dragon appear on her body she knows she is Vikter’s mate but refuses to tell him, if he can’t love her no matter if he believes he is dying then they have nothing worth having.
I loved that Vikter finally admitted to Becca how he felt still believing he was going to die soon. So sweet.
Add in a stupid nasty cousin who wants Becca for himself and we have a good story once again in this series.
Another great read in this series.
Poor Karel, he wants to find his mate so he can introduce her to his dying mother. When Gerri can't help him right away he comes to earth to speed the time frame up. The first woman he sees is Alivia, who lives in the same apartment block as Gerri.
Alivia's luck with men is diabolical, she is ready to give up completely and get artificially inseminated but then she meets Gerri.
Alivia agreed to allow Gerri to match her up with a shifter for one date but first she has to get through another date organised by her step sister. The date tries to drug Alivia but she is too smart to fall into that trap but he gets grabby outside.
Karel had followed Alivia on her date knowing she was his mate, seeing the man’s actions he follows outside and scares the crap out of him by shifting into his jaguar.
When Karel is told his mother has worsened he asks Alivia to return with him. Alivia agrees to go to Nova Aurora with Karel to meet his mother which is really lucky for his mum Keliana, as Alivia twigs she is being poisoned by her carer Tiana.
All of this nastiness comes back to King Alyx's spoilt little cousin Nadeeya who believes she should have been Queen. Delusions of GRANDUER. Loved Nadeeya and Tiana's punishment.
A surprise that our lovely baker Aurelis is a mated woman and to Reed, one of Gerri's 'boys'.
Whilst I loved this Christmas themed story and having some of our original characters in this book, I thought a 5 year gap just too long and silly. It only took Reed a few months to find Gavin, so 5 years was just wrong on too many fronts.
2 years was more believable.
Both of them being wolf shifters made this story different but we don't have much input from their animal side. I think having their wolves dialoguing would have made their quick round of sex and mating again more understandable.
Reeds reasons for how he felt and behaved just weren't good enough for me. The fault was his fathers, not Reeds, for marrying all these women who were not his mate, just gold diggers.
Being with his true mate should have made him think differently.
But mating and marrying Auri, knowing how he felt, then dictating they would not have children or celebrate Christmas was selfish and immature. His apology was heartfelt but lacking in depth.
Auri was tough at first against forgiving Reed and she was justified to feel the way she did but watching him interact with his little brother Gavin, showed her a new and better side of Reed. Then to see him at the home was the last thing to bring her walls down.
The ending was really sweet at Gavin's home and even I had forgiven Reed his stupidity.
Not the best of the bunch.
This book started out good like Milly’s books always do but then went a bit south.
Cassie is my least favourite of the heroines in this series so far.
Cassie has a troubled relationship with her dad (married to someone younger than Cassie) and an ex-husband who stole all her money. She has been raised to be independent and strong.
Cassie returns to earth because she is told Talen is already mated, but when she sees him again after having found out she is pregnant she does not question him about this but has sex with him again and still does not bring up this issue.
Then she just jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes that some other woman is his wife but doesn’t question it. She then just runs away and gets hurt by Talan’s brother. Where is this strong independent woman now?
I just found her not the usual feisty, engaging woman that we normally see in this series.
Talan was a good hero with a lot on his plate. New leader of the clan and dealing with a younger brother who has caused dissent and unrest with the younger men whilst slipping into madness. It was sad that Talan had to kill so many of the younger men in his clan who had followed Paxton and treated the women of the clan badly instead of following their way.
It was lovely to see some of our favourite people again and always a pleasure being with Gerry.
Also Victoria became Veronica a few times, not good proofreading.
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