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13 March 2016
The marketing team deserve a raise for the fantastic covers they have utilised for this series. Pity the contents are so drab.
Yet again, the fact that this series is inspired by Jane Austen is shoved down the readers throat in the blurb. Huge shoes to fill and this author fails dismally.
Where is the charm, the wit?
Instead we are left with an h, who doesn't know if she is weak or strong. She whines and worries over ridiculous things and the author makes her seem ungrateful - you can't stick to the rules of this society - male dominant / female submissive and then have the h complain about it constantly.
The h expresses her feelings constantly, every single one.
She has a husband who respects and adores her - but is this enough for this country miss? Oh course not. The h, doesn't fit the story - or visa versa.
The constraints of Jane Austen's world do not fit this character. And in short order I found myself wanting to slap Jane continuously. This was a dnf for me at the 50% mark. Don't care what happens to her, she is undeserving and too hard to like.
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