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Customer Review

5 May 2018
Story had great potential and I was really looking forward to reading the first book. However I found it a very dissappointing read. I found both lead characters to be frustrating and unappealing. Ivy was entitled and took offence at the slightest thing. She is the one that takes the first move aggressively by kissing him, but when Levi does the same thing later on, she flies off the handle, she's angry he kissed her and then subsequnetly angry he says that it did not mean a thing. Talk about confusing and all over the place.She saw the film as a cause to persue a crewsaude but was not thoughtful in how she treated Levis experience with Grace just expecting him to tell her everything at the drop of the hat. Despite learning Grace died in his arms and a brief thought that must have been traumatic experience but it didn't change her behaviour. She turns up at Graces memorial which is on her birthday and begins acting the celebrity starlet signing autographs instead of observing/talking with people that knew her best. Ivys behaviour of demanding to drive along with the police made her unattractive and her intervention when Levi is threatened is bizarre- he is the trained police officer who knows the locals but she thinks she knows best about how to react and after he calmly resolves the situation her response is to criticize him and tell him that he was acting crazy. Only redeeming connection between the two seems to be that they are physically attracted to one another. I actually thought Levi and Ivys twin the assistant made the better couple. Because other then physical attraction what did Levi and Ivy have in common. Levi was obviously in a dark place trying to overcome his grief at the lost of a close friend and police partner and guilt that he did not heed Grace thoeries on the serial killer and feels responsible that she died and he did not protect her. But he was angry, drunk the much of the time, did not treat Ivy well. The premise of the story also did not work for me, the police partner that is still struģgling with grief gets appointed the film liaison at the bequest of the elder police chief that is referred to being like a father to Levi. Why would someone do that when Levi was struggling so much. Why not talk to him that he needs to deal better with his grief. While Levis behaviour to use the twin to keep the attraction with Ivy to put distance between that was no doubt a low act. But at the same time Ivy took it very hard they shared a couple of kisses, when the extent of their interactions had been angry exchanges with no commonalitys, with each other, havenot even went out on a date but she acted like they had made a commitment to one another and from refernece to Ivy past dating experience she is not an innocent naive girl. Unfortunately Levi is portrayed so angry, bitter and grumpy there is little to redeem him as a character that the reader can care about. He does not progress at all through the book except it appears to cut back the drinking on a few occasions. The films decision to create a romantic lead between the cops when they were not presented with one in the real story was insensitive. Its purposely kept in the dark by the authors about whether there was in fact a romantic relationship between Grace and Levi. There seems to be a subtext suggesting that they might be and this explains Levis continuing grief. This is just the first of three books but after the disappointment of the first book I'll be giving the next two a miss. If it was meant to be an opposites attract book it missed the mark for me.
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