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Customer Review

8 August 2015
After requesting this book I noted, “the last thing an over-thinker like me needs is to ponder on 'the paths not taken'.”

However, I'd heard good things about about the book and TJR so I bravely battled on—trying to ignore my own nagging 'what ifs'!

This book is very cleverly written as TJR doesn't need to preface each alternating chapter with 'which' of Hannah's worlds we're in. It's written in a way that it's obvious.

A key element in this book (for me) was the friendship between Hannah and Gabby. It was gorgeous and selflessly reciprocal.

I found it interesting that TJR had some things take place in both timelines, but not everything. In some cases the same outcome was reached nonetheless (which had me pondering that concept of fate).

However, there were some major plot differences in the two timelines and I felt there was a lesson there... how an action or event can affect the way someone behaves, which affects how we perceive them.

So while the plot itself is kinda light the underlying tenet and themes of the book are more complex.

Read the full review on my blog: http://www.debbish.com/books-literature/maybe-in-another-life-by-taylor-jenkins-reid/

3.5 stars
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3.8 out of 5 stars