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Customer Review

23 May 2017
Nicole thinks she is a normal teenage girl until she moves to a new town and discovers that she is a witch descended from gods. Luckily, her powers emerge along with a small group of four others, who call themselves the Elementals. They soon discover a new magical world, that, unfortunately, also has a dangerous prison world of Kerberos that contains a lot of very dangerous monsters. The Elementals find an ancient prophecy to save the world and end up going on the ultimate scavenger hunt type of adventures. Each of the Elementals has a unique power and Nicole’s power to heal holds a much darker side that she hope she never has to use.

As the veil to the portal to Kerberos begins to weaken, the Elementals rush to fulfill the ancient prophecy and save the world. Throughout the five books, they fight drugged up islanders, sea monsters, lotus-zombies, Medusa, Hydra and many, many other dangerous, yet interesting, monsters. They also have typical teenage battles between the group (Blake used to date Danielle, but is now interested in Nicole) while battling their typical young adult, roller-coaster emotions. As they get stronger as a group, learn to work together, get a little help from the Gods, they take on battles that no mortal could win, let alone survive.

I devoured this series in one day (yes, all five books) as I was home sick in bed and needed something to make me feel better and all five books are an easy read. I could not get enough of this series. It has Greek mythology, lots of action, typical teenage angst, and a sweet romance as Nicole falls for bad-boy Blake, another Elemental. Kerberos is a fascinating, amazingly well described dark world. Even though the characters are messy teenagers with lots of young adult emotions, I truly cared about them, especially as a group, wanted them to succeed in their mission, and wanted to know what happened in the next book. Thankfully, Elementals 5: The Hands of Time, brings the series to an exciting, action-packed conclusion. Appropriate for young adults and up! I highly recommend this enjoyable series!
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