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28 April 2018
Enne is a proper girl. She attends finishing school and has an unblemished reputation. This changes when her mother disappears. Enne starts a search that leads her to New Reynes, the City of Sin. Enne's values don't mean anything here and she has to adapt quickly. Survival means more in the city than a flawless reputation. Her mother left one lead, the name Levi. When Enne finds this person he isn't what she expected. Levi is a scheming street lord, a gambler. Levi also has a problem, he needs to pay off a huge debt and he sees Enne as a way to gather funds. Has Levi made the right decision to look after Enne?

Enne and Levi start looking for Enne's mother. Their search leads them to dangerous places where nothing is as it seems. Enne has to leave her innocence behind. She's being introduced into the world of dark secrets, shadowy casinos and risky jobs that require every single skill she possesses. Her mother was hiding a lot from Enne and slowly she uncovers the truth. What will she do with her new knowledge and what will happen when she and Levi end up as pawns in the most dangerous game that has ever been played in the City of Sin?

Ace of Shades is one amazing adrenaline rush. I absolutely loved this magical story. Enne has been raised with clear rules and ethics. She was well protected and never encountered anything sinister and sinful. Being in New Reynes is a steep learning curve. Enne has to adapt quickly to make it, she needs to be tough and resilient to stay alive and she has to find allies among strangers. Because of her mother she puts her faith in Levi, but working together has a price and Enne has no choice but to pay. This makes interesting reading. From the moment she sets foot in the city her life becomes a gripping whirlwind that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Amanda Foody's world building is fantastic. Her detailed descriptions of the City of Sin are making her setting come to life in a terrific energetic way. I was dazzled and amazed by New Reynes, something I really enjoyed. Ace of Shades is filled with surprising twists and turns and there's plenty of mesmerizing suspense. The story is enchanting and unusual, a combination that works very well. I liked every creative idea Amanda Foody presents. I highly recommend Ace of Shades, it's a marvelous dynamic adventure.
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4.6 out of 5 stars
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