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23 January 2018
'Seek', by Mia Sheridan was a shift from her usual style (noticeable in 'Most of All You', as well). While still packed with conflict, emotions and 'love prevails' elements, it had an edgy, dark feel. It was written in the first person and was a standalone, with a dual POV. The setting was atmospheric and full of descriptive imagery. A fairly short read, it focused on telling the story, without crowding the plot and I really liked that. Strong themes throughout were: self-discovery, facing truths, resilience and acceptance. 
The plot: courageous, but naive Olivia Barton hired Thomas, a mercenary and ex Navy Seal, to find her businessman fiancé, who had been missing for months. The information pointed to Columbia, but the search was hindered by: the devastation of a recent earthquake/tsunami, Columbia's treacherous environment/society and the task of unravelling a puzzling mystery. So, the narrative quickly morphed into a dangerous, conspiratorial adventure.
The two MCs shared an attraction, despite their differences and Olivia's dilemma. However, the strong undercurrent couldn't be stopped - a slow-burn romance simmered. Soon, Olivia and Thomas felt a connection and their attachment to one another became strong.
'Seek' was well-written, with strong plot/character development for the most part. The climax, however, was very predictable and the conclusion lacked depth (an interesting past character made an appearance, though). I kept thinking, Mia will 'hit me' with something unforseen, Pity, because the bulk of the narrative was excellent.
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