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21 February 2019
Sound quality - Pretty good for its price. Don't expect high quality sound, but it performs well. Doesn't sound like cheap earphones. Can't comment on call quality because I've never used the feature. You can hear outside noise which I prefer for safety reasons as I use these for gym/cardio work, but you can change the earbuds for a better seal if you wish.

Design - Love the earhook design. Personally I find it to be the best design for workouts. Never had to re-adjust during workouts and even basketball shootarounds.

Durability - To date, have not had any issues when in contact with sweat, but take care anyways. Earhook hasn't shown signs of it potentially tearing off.

Battery - I'm surprised especially at this price. I don't have to charge it often and it hold its charge really well.


Simply put, its the cheaper alternative to Powerbeats. I have used Powerbeats before and personally, you're better off buying the Anker earphones. There is a difference in sound, and I find Powerbeats fit better but it's really nitpicky. Compared to Anker, I can't justify the massive price tag.

It plays well, it's priced well. Would definitely recommend
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4.2 out of 5 stars