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12 October 2019
Murder? Misadventure? Suicide? Which is it. You only get to choose one, or do you. Let the police solve it, or perhaps not. Who is innocent and of what? Who is guilty but of what? What would you do for love, and remember there are so many different kinds of love. I had already recommended this book to 3 others before I even finished it, and it just kept getting better! This is a very powerful story of love, loyalty, family, traditions; all compromised by hate,fear, betrayal, insecurities, corruption and power. The characters are so well constructed you become intimately familiar with each of them and their stories are so intricately interwoven together you couldn't get by without any one of them. This book has so many messages for all ages from 16 to 60, all lovers and all families; everyone should read it.I loved it and I honestly think it will stay as one of my all time favourite books. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a copy but be even more generous and buy a copy for someone's Christmas stocking too.I would also emphatically state I acquired this book through Amazon Bookbub and had never heard of the authors before reading this book. This is an honest unsolicited review and I have not received any form of renumeration for doing so.
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