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24 April 2018
AJ puts together a story in the best Hitchcock tradition but takes if further by having an extremely flawed central character similar to girl on the train. Who is going to believe a drunk and pill popper when they see a murder.

There are many sub plots in this story. You have to decide which ones are dead ends. Good luck with that. There are lots of twists throughout the book and when you think the story is making sense there is a twist.

The story does start off slowly as AJ sets up all the sub plots. Then round 40 per cent the story gets going. It continues at a fairly frenetic pace to the end. The final twists are unexpected but have been lurking there all the time.

This book deserves to be a best seller. I am not going to say it's perfect but it is about damaged people so it's never going to be precise. Just enjoy the ride.
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