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21 March 2018
So I picked this book up without knowing the synopsis or even having heard of the author before. I thought the cover was cute and BookBub had told me the book was on sale. I flew through this book and was halfway through the second one before I realised the first story had occurred all within the a 24 hour period. Honestly, I love the writing and would akin this story the the beginnings of the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella.

If you love Sophie Kinsella, you will love Julia Kent's books as well!

This story is about Shannon a mystery shopper, hot mess who meets Billionaire Declan in the men's bathroom of a coffee shop as shes arm deep in the toilet retrieving her dropped phone. Chick Lit at it's finest.

Note that this is a series, the book ends a little abruptly but the series continue where this when leaves off. I have already purchased the next three in the series. It was such a fast read, must be a novella because I read it in under 25 minutes.
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