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Customer Review

14 January 2019
Out of the box Alexa in the Echo is slim, elegant and has a feel of quality. Set up was a breeze....except Alexa is American, USCentric and requires some extra effort to 'think' outside the confines of North America. For instance "alexa play eighties music" gets a playlist from the US. being specific like "British" or "Australian" gets the "I'm sorry I cant do that now" so you have to go to Simple Radio and specify the channel. Unlike "hey Google" which we also have Alexa will not access the free music available on Youtube and other places . instead, annoyingly refers to "Amazon Music". Alexa will not access my itunes files...which is even more infuriating as I have paid for that music over the years and have a great collection...grrrr
Ok, now the plus side, Alexa answers questions very well...accesses my gmail, but reads aloud to the room...hmm I don't always want anyone to able to do that. Alexas "learn my voice" just doesn't work, Alexa apologises explaining "I cant do that yet" Alexa also keeps my partner happy with weather, answering questions and me happy with news, weather and classical music,except she keeps trying to sell me shit from Amazon Music...NO thank you Alexa. Alexa can be amusing try saying "Alexa, Beam me up" the ripostes get quite hilarious. Alexa also will not connect to my TV....its old, so not really expected but it would have been nice! Alexa keeps lists and at our advanced ages that is great...list for Shopping, Bunnings, the Pharmacists, things to ask the doctor...she is really on top of her game. But so far the best fun has been "Alexa, Make cat noises" I have a much adored cat who, some evenings decides I need punishing for some misdeed and that command distracts him from chewing my arm or attacking my feet instanter!
There are more Apps nearly every day so the experience is improving....in conclusion Alexa is useful, getting more useful as apps are added, just need to be a bit more world conscious..there is more than the US .........
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