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3 October 2016

I was fortunate enough to receive and ARC of Captivate Me. This is my first ever (Gasps*) written review so apologies in advance for any messiness lol. I also couldn’t think of a better book to be my first (*smirks*).

I’ve been on the Ravage MC roller-coaster from the very beginning. To say Ryan Michele finished the series with a bang is a huge understatement! I’m going to try my best to explain all the awesomeness that Captivate Me is without giving any spoilers or details

It’s actually been 3 days since I finished Captivate Me and I am still on the high that is the final of the Ravage MC. The book picks right up from where Inflame me left us and let me tell you I was hooked straight away. I was hooked so much I finished the book in a few hours (which isn’t unusual for any of Ryan’s Books). Captivate me will take you on an incredible ride and the name of the book it suitably named because it truly does Captivate you. I went through a range of emotions that went from anticipation, intrigue, love, happiness, shock, anger, surprise, disbelief, horror, worry, calm and giddiness……. You get the idea lol.

This final book was everything I imagined it would be and more! It was an amazing series final and for those who are lucky enough or even contemplating pre-ordering I would highly suggest to do it, for not just the final book but also for those special bonus epilogues ( *lovingly sighs*). All though I was somewhat saddened that the Ravage MC is completed I know it will always be a re-read series I could visit again and again. Captivate Me left me feeling good with how the series ended (which isn’t an often occurrence with most book series I read). The book is told from multiple POV’s which I also really enjoyed because we got to be inside each POV’s head. Although it’s the final in the series I also look forward to Ryan Michele’s other series/new releases she has coming out since I have a feeling I will have a big book hangover until the crossover of Ryan Michele’s Viper’s Creed MC series crossover with Chelsea Cameron’s Hellion’s Ride Series is released.
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