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Reviewed in Australia on 1 August 2018
I'm really pleased and pleasantly surprised with these headphones. I've been using them for a few weeks now, mainly to watch TV late at night. I've found that:

- The Bluetooth connects easily every time and stays connected with no drop-outs
- The battery life is fantastic. I use them a lot and I recharge them every day or two because I don't want them to run flat, although there's never been any indication that they're getting close to going flat. I have no idea how long it would take them to run right down but suffice to say that you can run them for hours and hours (days?) with no problems and they recharge fast
- They are very comfortable. I normally have trouble with headphones getting uncomfortable on my ears after a while but the material on the part that sits around your ears is very soft and I've worn these continuously for hours without problems
- The sound is good for the price. I'm no audiophile but I like things to sound nice, and both TV/movies and music sound good to me through these. Several times while watching TV I've turned around because I thought there was a noise beside/behind me only to find it was actually on the soundtrack of the movie, ie: it "throws" the sound rather than just feeling like it's right in your ears (not sure how to describe this but hopefully it makes sense!). I'm sure you could spend five times as much and get a better sound but for the price I think the sound is great. Strangely the sound quality over Bluetooth seems to degrade a lot if noise cancellation is switched off so I keep this on all the time.
- As I travel a lot I like the fact that they fold up neatly into a nice compact carry case that includes a pocket for the cables.
- I like using them doing boring chores like washing dishes and vacuuming etc., and they are good in that 1) they don't slip forward off your head when you tilt your head forward, ie they are a fairly snug fit and 2) they have a good range on the Bluetooth, so you can go from room to room without them dropping out
- As others have said, the noise cancellation is pretty good but not incredible. It probably blocks out 50% of noise on average, best with low-pitched noise, not so good with higher pitches. I've used them in a small apartment with a washing machine, dryer and dishwasher all going at once and with the ANC switched on and the volume at medium level I could just hear the noise in the background but it was hardly noticeable. If the volume on the soundtrack drops, you hear the background noise more. I also tried them while the neighbours were playing deafening music along with an incessantly barking dog and it helped. As others have said, there's a slight sense of pressure in the ears with the ANC switched on - I got used to this quickly and don't notice it any more. Again, you could spend five times as much and get better ANC, but for the price, these are pretty good.
- I've used them for phone calls and they worked well
- Finally, I got an email from the seller a couple of weeks after I received them to check I was happy with them and they were working well. I'm not sure I can remember the last time someone got in touch with me to check I was happy after they had already got my money.
Bottom line - if you're an audiophile who needs the best sound or you need the best noise cancellation that money can buy, then you'll probably want to spend a lot more and get the absolute best. If you're in the other 99% of people, and you want a really nice pair of comfortable Bluetooth headphones with good noise cancellation at a good price, then I think you'll be really happy with these.
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