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Customer Review

13 August 2018
If you have read the first book of the Beta Brothers series, My Best Friend’s Ex, you would already have had a glimpse of Nina and Carter. Unlike Zoey and Logan who had quite a long history, Nina and Carter only met at the start of school, but Carter cannot deny his attraction for her. As Nina had failed relationships in the past and is not looking to jump into another and with Carter being such a player, she was blasé about his overtures. Carter has built quite a reputation as a ladies’ man and initially, and she never thought about him other beyond a possible friend with benefits. Well, not until they started to really get to know each other and found a connection. That was the start of complications.

I love Nina’s character. She speaks her mind, is straightforward and a seriously independent chick who tries to hide her vulnerability. I relished reading the exchange between her and Carter. She’s one who does not easily get intimidated. She brought out the gentleman in Carter and made him care deeply for someone for the first time. These two imperfect people who were uncertain of what they truly wanted, navigated their relationship into one soul-crushing breakup. Would Carter realize his mistake, and would Nina take him back? The story is both simple and complicated. Hazel Kelly brilliantly writes it that way. I never skip pages of the character’s thoughts because they offer a great insight to the characters. It’s never boring even without dialogue. Her words are compelling and beautiful, and the conversations are witty and exciting. She describes the characters and situations with just the right amount of detail that creates a picture in my mind. Even if the characters are young adults, the maturity of the characters also appeals to an older reader.

I truly enjoyed this book. It was an easy read as a standalone even though it is the second in the series. I look forward to more Beta Brothers books.
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4.8 out of 5 stars