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Customer Review

22 April 2019
This was a very enjoyable, at times, exceedingly funny book. All the usual cast of characters (in their usual guises) were in evidence except the Hursts—I am not even sure if Bingley had another sister. Two delightful additions to the cast—Lady Castlereagh and Mr Quinn—provided the makings of a delightful mystery as well as much comic relief. I say mystery, but I was able to guess who the villain was early on, and though it seemed that there had to be a decided suspension of belief, as the story evolved, the happenings did not seem quite so unbelievable. Oh, I forgot to mention two other new cast members—Monday and Tuesday, Lady Castlereagh's delicious mastiffs.

My only disappointments were to do with Darcy: he was even more ineffectual than he is often portrayed and not once during his second, very public proposal, did he mention the 'love' word. Of course, it was understood that he did love Elizabeth, but the actual word would have been nice to hear somewhere in the speech.

There were only a few spelling mistakes, the most notable being that on several occasions, particularly at the beginning of the story, Mr Quinn was dubbed Mr Quill. For a while, I thought that was his name.

When I first started to read the book, I almost tossed it aside because it just seemed too ridiculous. Please don't toss it aside, you won't be disappointed. I definitely recommend The Lady's Jewels.
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5.0 out of 5 stars