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24 July 2016
I read this after a visit to Pamplona, where Hemingway is a Big Name. I hadn't been too struck on previous works of his, so began dubiously.
This novel is narrated by one Jake Barnes, a young American, and his 'gang' of friends, notably Lady Brett Ashley and her hard-drinking fiance. These 'bright young things' have been damaged by WW1 - Jake (like just about all the men) is in love with Brett, but has been rendered impotent. She, meanwhile, seems emotionally scarred: we learn in a conversation that her true love died during the War, while she served as a V.A.D. in a hospital.
Opening in Paris, where life is one round of alcoholic nights out and - for Brett - a succession of meaningless assignations with men - the group move off to take in Pamplona for some fishing and the annual fiesta and bullfights. I got quite caught up in the book at this point, thinking I knew what was going to happen to this little group of people among whom passions were aroused, echoing the descriptions of the bullfights (I was totally wrong!)
A book that grew on me, despite having a largely unlikeable cast of characters. Hemingway brings the atmosphere of Spain to life.
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