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1 July 2019
GoPro is still the premier action camera and the quality of the product itself, once you have it working is top notch. Just watch any review, or remember how much you liked your previous GoPro and this will likely be the same. However, the Hero 7 has two glaring problems that are unforgivable for product with its reputation and price.

#1: removal of the lens cover (to be able to put it in the diving "Super Suit") requires excessive force, to the point of literally bruising my fingers. Yes, I did read the forum posts of 100s of users with this problem and learned of the solution and I did watch a couple of videos after my first attempts. Should you need to watch videos and read forum posts to perform an operation that should be quick and simple, like removing a supposedly removable part? I don't think so - but even when I did, the solution suggested the most (use a credit card to force it free) ended up damaging my camera. It literally got damaged before I ever got to use it.

#2: the software that's on the camera has all kinds of issues - syncing with the mobile app, performance of the camera (freezing), etc. That situation is resolved once you update the software and restart everything. But is this something that should be expected from a product you just freed from expensive looking packaging? I'd expect this from a developer preview or a hobby kit like an Arduino - not from an action camera that supposedly everyone with a pair of skies or a mountain bike just wants to go and use.

And then there's that packaging: an awful lot of annoying to unpack plastic for a very small package. Don't get me wrong, I like its small size as much as the next person, but for a product that's sold to people that like to go out into nature to enjoy their favourite pastimes, you're packaging it in an awful lot of hard plastic garbage, GoPro.

A product that I want to love, ruined by problems that are so preventable, that they're unforgivable.
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