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Customer Review

19 August 2018
Educated Tara Westover

This book takes you on a harrowing journey of a highly dysfunctional family headed by an extreme religious fanatical father who is extreme. The controlling and violent nature of the one of the sons, Shawn, is very disturbing and for me this is the haunting character of the book. It's a true story and Tara, the daughter, was so very brave to write it. I am so proud she left at 17 yes old and fled from her sheltered conservtive Mormon controlling upbringing and managed to earn her place at Cambridge. What a huge achievement against all odds and totally uneducated with no formal schooling at all. All children were non-schooled. I could not put the book down. This book taught me many lessons and I admire Tara, such a strong woman and such a beautiful soul who refused to beliitle herself and rise above, with respect for her own self. Beautifully written with such depth of fine prose and I admire her honesty about her own mental breakdown as she struggles, as a young adult, on such extreme levels to make sense of the home she was raised in and the level of violence she endured from the siblings - physical and emotional. Her perspective she firmed about the life one should live, was marred by 2 parents who were actually as bad as each other. A brave book. A must read. A hell of ride. This book you.can not put down.
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4.5 out of 5 stars