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14 May 2019
If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be “long” – if I had to use two more words, they would be “far too”. Author Kay Villoso is not so constrained as this trilogy meanders back and forth to the point where many readers will think “where is this going”?
According to the author, the tale is based on myths and legends from the Philippines, although most of the names / places sound more Korean / Japanese (and a few sound oddly Welsh / Gaelic). Part of the problem with reading it on Kindle is that it is not easy to visualize all the places involved (and there are lots of them) and how they are related – while there are maps supplied they’re not very useful. The story is told through the traditionally Asian plot of two brothers (one good, one bad) and a woman who loves and is loved by both, and a lot of time (too much for me) is spent on their internal agonizing. Apart from them, there are magicians, warlords and kings, a powerful evil creature, and various other supernatural entities who are all on one side or another.
Would I recommend this book? If you have plenty of time and don’t mind authors who don’t use one word when they can use ten, this may be for you. There is occasional coarse language and minor descriptions of bloodshed but I suspect that a YA audience would get bored before they got offended. To put it in perspective, to have a change of scene I started reading another book at the same time and finished three other books before I got to the end of this one (although I did manage to finish it so it’s better than some I’ve dumped).
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