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Reviewed in Australia on 15 November 2018
I thought I was being sensible by getting the cheapest thing from a "good" brand that fits my needs. Now I'm angry because I've bought this, and I'll also have to buy a better one that's probably more expensive. I mean, I know it was cheap, but it's still a meaningful amount of money.

Correct keyboard layout (with actual FKeys, not Buttons)
Batteries included
Does technically do what it says on the box

Mouse Tiny and kind of unusable.
Mouse also noisy (yes, they did include a computer mouse, not a small rodent).
Weird power switches. Why does the keyboard need a power switch? I had a microsoft wireless keyboard with no power switch, I'm guessing that the USB dongle was always waiting for a signal from the keyboard, but the keyboard only sent keystrokes when the keys were pressed. I don't see myself turning this off and on a lot, I think I'm just going to run out of battery.
So, the main benefit to getting a wireless keyboard and mouse combo is that you save a USB port (I'm not convinced there's a good reason these things don't just use BlueTooth, but whatevs). This is pretty important with Laptops where the designer has decided that they'd rather it look smooth than have enough ports for everything. The keyboard is ok, but if you can't really use the mouse, then what was the point? Also, it's not like I can just substitute in a different wireless mouse.
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