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16 January 2018
The method in this book is bunk.
I went to a Japanese Language School in Japan, with many Chinese students. The Chinese students had a lot of problems learning Kanji because they are similar enough to their Hanzi, but have as much in common as Magyar (Hungarian) to English.
Sure this book is a good idea if you want a collection of stories to relate Kanji to odd English words (often not useful part translations), or want some random names for radicals that make up kanji. But half way through the book the stories dry up, and you are left with a collection of Kanji with English words.
This book explains nothing about the entomology, or usefulness of the character. Many useful and regular Kanji are also deep in this book.

Do not buy this book if you are after a useful book for improving your ability to read Kanji. This book only helps you remember Kanji.
A friend explained that if Remembering the Kanji 1 were about Poker, it would teach you how to memorise and draw each of the 52 cards without even telling you about the four suits or each cards rank, let alone how to make a Poker Hand.
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