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2 February 2019
As Someone who was born and brought up in Africa and who has spent much of my life their I thought that this was an outstanding book. It really highlights the diametrically opposing approaches that Westerners have about how to deal with Africa. There is Francis, who sees Africa as just a place to be exploited, a place where he is able to enrich himself without too many awkward questions being asked. We then have his sister Tessa who is wholly naïve about the forces and the dangers represented: she unwisely persuades people to include her in a very dangerous journey through the bush from Northern Uganda to The Democratic Republic of Congo to talk to Kony the leader of the 'Lords Resistance Army' to discuss some sort of ceasefire, which was never going to happen. Inevitably Tessa is abducted. Read on: the tension is maintained to the end in a very compelling story
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