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Customer Review

28 May 2019
I don't think that I could sum up who this book is suited for any better than the dedication of this book did:

"If your squad was hard to find, or you're still looking, then this one is for you."

I liked that after a bit of interesting story of Ty in space, we back up a little into the italics and find out what led up to that point. Aurora's chapters have the flashback italics too and I also like how the end of her present sentence is the beginning of her flashback.
Character-wise, I loved Scarlett's sass, humour and scarcasm plus Fin's sarcasm too! Finian may also be gay or bi, but it's never explicitly stated.

Also, did anyone else notice that all the Syldrathi cabals start with W? No? Just me?

The best swearing ever occurs within this book too! For example: Hole cake. Son of a biscuit. Mothercustard...

Oh, THAT'S what be'shmai means... (If you want to find out what I'm on about with this part, then read the book.)

Every single damning way to protect something is being used all at once to protect things? Good luck, Squad 312! Side note:That star map is awesome and I want one!

What's Eshvaren? Is it going to get revealed and is it probably important? Yes and yes. I feel like I've heard that word somewhere before too but can't pick where.

I do wonder how everyone on the Hadfield ship died except for her. How was she the only one to survive? How did she even end up on the ship in the first place when the book ends like that?!

Doesn't the Illuminae Files trilogy also have "Foundation Day"? I know they're two different universes, but I’m still curious... I also like how there's info pages between every few chapters in this book though as it breaks it up a little and gives you a touch more info, plus the different font that they use for the texting they did with one another. It’s a similar style to the Illuminae Files, I think – but also very different.

"Hold onto your undies, kids."

It's about to be a bumpy ride...
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4.5 out of 5 stars