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25 February 2017
I bought this book as it was recommended by someone I trust.
My main disillusion comes from expecting a “DevOps novel” and finding a “people-processes-technology 101”. If you don’t know what I mean, this book is probably for you.
If the novel's timeframe were set in the late 90 or early 2000s it would be good educational book, but it’s missing 15 years of IT methodologies and practices. In case you may be working in an IT organisation which lives by past (or inexistent) IT practices, you’ll be probably nodding in every page. But believe me, the context set by this book is more than a decade away from today's best IT practices and I'm not just referring to startups or bleeding edge IT organisations like Google or Netflix. So if you are expecting to find a novel about how an organisation overcame their issues by following DevOps practices, this is not the book. By implementing agile metrologies? Yes it is.
On the other hand, as I novel, I think is pretty naive and shallow with an abuse of american culture elements to try to engage and sell the dream to the reader.
I would give it 2 stars because of the DevOps gimmick, but it does well explaining the gap between business and IT goals.
For the last time, you will find nothing about DevOps in this book.

PS: I pretty much agree with Richard Morgan review done in Amazon US site.
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