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Customer Review

13 April 2019
This beautiful book allows one's mind to wander...a love story of such candor and intensity that you ache for a happy ending. A very romantic book which follows two heroines living in London, one in the 60s and the other in today's world of mobile phones and texting.

I really love the way that JoJo Moyes totally immerses you in her characters. When we first meet our main character, Jennifer Stirling, she's waking up in hospital, having had a traumatic car accident. Yet when she is introduced to her husband, of whom she has no recollection, and is sent home with him eventually, to a life she neither remembers or embraces readily.

Jennifer goes through the motions, accepts what she is told is her life and all seems to bob along well enough, except when she finds a letter that isn't her husband's handwriting, and is clearly a link to someone she has been involved with, but whom?

Anthony and Jennifer are the alpha and omega; the uniqueness of their love and tireless commitment endures every possible storm and tragedy. They travel through time and space, each sharing their deepest joy and pain, hoping against hope. London, France, Africa and America all come into play in this story of a woman piecing back together her life in effort to understand what she has lost, and what she threw away.

There is a bit of a time-hop from 1964 to 2003. I'll let you read and determine the juxtaposition of these two time frames and the women who inhabit the rest of the story. If you're looking for brilliant characters who are both real and inspired, then do read this book. However, if you cannot wrap your head around time jumping between eras, look somewhere else.
As for me, I rather love Ms. Moyes' abilities to draw us forward and backward through time, connecting the dots of a trail gone cold and all the points between... very special in every way...
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4.4 out of 5 stars