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Reviewed in Australia on 27 August 2018
This was an amazing account of bravery and also a sad testimony to the spiritual abuse that occurs within "Traditional" Catholic circles. The horrific mistreatment Claire endured from various "Traditional" Catholics, particularly in the Doomsday Cult led by "Little Pebble," is truly disturbing.

I am thankful for her courageous testimony, as by sharing her story, Claire is helping to shed light on the damaging fundamentalism that occurs in these Catholic sects, which is disastrously misaligned with the teachings of the regular Catholic Church. This book especially great for those who have experienced abuse within Catholic sects themselves as it is a confirmation of the massive problems that many have experienced within these (sometimes well intended) but frighteningly fundamentalist and destructive groups.

To anyone who is interested in the subject of cults and indoctrination, it is a fascinating and educational read.
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