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16 June 2019
This story was heartbreaking, passionate and sexy AF. Charleigh owned my heart with Jesse and Allie.

Jesse has that cocky bad boy vibe with a troubled past that you couldn't help fall in love with. He will break your heart he has enough arrogance to make him cocky enough to hate but you see the real him develop throughout the book which has you quickly changing your tune and you want to see it work between him and Allie.
I love Allie for the simple reason she shows him he's worthy.
The chemsity between these two burst through the pages making some of the hottest scenes ever!

Allie had her own demons that kept her from fully giving herself to him but in the end she could see him for who he really was. She helped him bring out the real him while finding her true self.
She kept him on his toes all while he made her realise love can be hard you just have to keep trying.
The have a likeness about them that they share and save each other which brings the story together beautifully.

At times Jesse made you want to jump in the book and give him a hug telling him he could have it all he just had to believe in himself.
The play and banter between Jesse and Allie made for a fun, playful, sexy AF storyline.
Every page had you captivated and the words just made you fall in love with this couple. They are my new fave couple by far I thought the others had captured my heart but these two just wow.

At times you wanted to slap Jesse up the side of the head and just yell get it together man but most the time he had your heart breaking.
Both of the characters had past they were trying to hide from but in the end love wins out and we get this epic love story with angst, passion, heartache and laughs along the way.

I am blown away at Charleigh's words and how she continues to amaze me with every new story.
Her men, words and stories are captivating, intriguing, passionate and all out amazing!

This story has chemistry, passion, angst and heartache all things you want in a romance that has you captivated from start to finish.
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4.5 out of 5 stars