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11 January 2019
3.5 stars. I did like this one. The beginning and the ending were good. I liked how they stuck up for each other and their relationship.
One big part in the middle I did not like, which just about ruined the story for me. Lost half a star for that.

He reconnected with the heroine and it influenced him to decide to change his well-known slutty ways and try to form a meaningful relationship with a woman. Fine. But he decided to do that secretly with another woman, all the while being the heroine’s confidante/support/ friend. Talking to each other EVERY DAY and hanging out most days. All the while keeping it secret that he has a GIRLFRIEND. For THREE MONTHS. All the while knowing that he’s in love with the heroine, but thinking he doesn’t have a chance with her.
I wouldn’t have a problem with what he did, if he didn’t keep it a secret from the heroine. What’s up with that?? Why would he do that if he had nothing to hide?? I just don’t get it. When the heroine found out, she was totally blindsided and hurt, partly because she’s forced to face the fact that her feelings for the hero aren’t platonic, but also because she thought they were close. He tells her “we’re not close” and he’s angry with her for getting upset. Wth? They’ve been hanging out and talking to each other every day for FOUR MONTHS. It just didn’t make any sense to me. And it pissed me off. Both on behalf of the heroine and the other woman. Also because I’d been wondering if he’d been celibate the whole four months and thinking that if he was, that would say a lot about how he felt about the heroine. Huge disappointment for me. What a dick.
Ohh and before I forget, once he realised he had a chance with the heroine, he dumped his girlfriend and was in bed with the heroine all WITHIN TWO HOURS. What a prince.

So. Except for that massively annoying part of the story, I actually enjoyed it. I liked the supporting characters and the storyline.
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