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11 May 2016
** Review provided by Kylie from BFDU **

When I was first given this book to read, and after reading the opening authors note I must admit I was a little apprehensive. Here was a book that focuses on mental illness and the sometimes damaging effects it can have. Would I be able to get through this book, being a sufferer myself, and truly give an honest review?

The answer to both questions is a huge YES!!

Hetch is a cop. A damn good one too. But he has his personal demons always showing up when things in the job get a little rough.
Not only could Hetch not save his own father from suicide, but watched the whole thing unfold right before his eyes.
He battles with this loss everyday, and deals with his anger the only way Hetch knows how.

Liberty is a youth worker at a local community house for boys. She works long hours, in a job she loves. It doesn't leave much time for any sort of romance. And considering her last relationship was terrible, she’s decided to go on a sex sabbatical. No men, just her trusty vibrator.

Hetch and Liberty are neighbours……..with paper thin walls.

Both on a rare night out, at the same bar, they finally meet, each without knowing who the other is. Things quickly heat up. With liberty’s sabbatical temporarily forgotten, they decide to head back to Hetch’s place. The scene that follows is somewhat comical, but also sets these two up perfectly.

While there romance blossoms, and things heat up in the bedroom, bathroom, lounge, wherever takes their fancy really, there’s a gang war brewing in the streets that will soon have Hetch and Liberty’s world crashing down around them, and both of them facing things that quite frankly scare the hell out of them.

I cannot rate this book highly enough. I feel honoured and privileged that I was able to read it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rainbows and sunny days, there are some pretty dark moments, and there are also parts that had me crying big fat ugly tears. There were parts that hit a bit to close to home for me personally, but would I read it again, and furthermore, recommend it. In a word, ABSOLUTELY!!!

I wish I could rate it higher 5/5

An outstanding 5 star read
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