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12 August 2015
Hard to Fight is packed with lust, passion, danger, angst, heartbreak and redemption. From beginning to end this story will reel you in and keep you hooked. Bella Jewel has once again shown why she is an author that makes you want to drop everything and read. Writing about alpha males is just one of the things Bella does flawlessly.

Gracie has followed in her father's foot steps and became a bounty hunter. She might be a woman but she can put a guy on his ass and shoot a gun better than a man. Being a woman in a man's world isn't easy. For the last five years she has worked her ass off, trying to prove she can be just as successful as one of the guys. Yet no one takes her seriously, she always gets stuck with the little cases no one else wants. That is until her boss gives her one of the biggest cases they've had come in, this is her chance to prove to everyone she is an equal. With so much doubt from her co workers Gracie is full of self doubt and worry.

Raide Knox has skipped bail, wanted for assault and suspected of murder. He's a dangerous sexy wall of muscle, how can someone of her stature bring in a man of his size? Seduction is the only way to try and bring Raide to his knees. Gracie is about to learn the art of seduction isn't simple when it comes to a man like Raide. Let the games begin...

Gracie has been staking him out, finding out his hangouts to find the best way to get his attention, Raide isn't making it easy and she needs to step up her game. Continuously bumping into him has cautions.

"Raide Knox doesn’t like women who flaunt themselves in front of him. No, Raide Knox likes them wild and badass, but more than that, he likes a challenge. I think I finally caught his attention. Now things can really fall into place."

When she captures Raide’s attention the heat between them is hot. She knows giving into her desires could jeopardise her career but it's becoming increasingly hard to say no to the deliciously sexy man in front of her.

"He kisses me. My entire world stops. His lips take mine so quickly, so deeply, I lose my breath."

Giving into temptation ups the game, Raide has made his way under her skin and into her heart. She needs to make the choice, bring him in and protect him from making a mistake or leave him to seek his revenge.

"How the hell am I going to survive when I lose him? And it’s not a matter of “if” in this situation, it’s a matter of “when.” Because I will lose him. This isn’t a fight I can win."

Will Raide be able to forgive Grace when he finds out who she really is?

We loved the characters, Gracie’s takedowns as a bounty hunter were entertaining and funny, she is a badass sassy heroine with a back bone but still had a soft side to her. Raide holy hotness he will have you swooning, he has a tough, hard exterior yet underneath it all we were shown a softer side to him. He is a man of few words, but when he does open up he is full of tenderness and warmth. We also enjoyed the secondary characters; Grace's father, is a perfect man you can see why she followed in his footsteps. Don and Vance, her work colleagues believed in her when others doubted her, we are hoping Vance gets a book.

A great start to the Alpha's Heart Series, we can wait for the next installment.
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4.4 out of 5 stars