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Customer Review

3 February 2018
I enjoyed this one, as per usual with Max Monroe books. Quinn seems a bit stalker-ish at first, but then I realised its his way of showing he will make an effort and is truly interested in Cat. It’s certainly a great storyline – the very busy flight attendant and the very busy NFL player – how can they make it work with such hectic schedules?

The funny banter between Quinn and Cat, and Cat’s inner dialogue had me laughing at this one.

“In the wise words of Uncle Jessie – Have Mercy”

There were some great secondary characters in this too – Sean, Denver and Nikki and Casey. They helped round things out nicely with some extra comedy.

This one is a fairly fast read, and in true Max Monroe style its quite funny too. There are also some true issues dealt with in the second half of the book, and you’ll understand what I mean when you read it. I thought this was dealt with well, the whole way it was written.

Quinn and Cat might be unconventional at first, but Quinn is a huge softy and the lengths he goes too are quite funny and are the driving force to this story. Everything works out nicely in the end and I look forward to the next book, which is about Sean Phillips. *eep, more Cassie, maybe?*
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4.2 out of 5 stars