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27 February 2018
2017: Re-read (obviously!), though it's my first time on audio. Listening to the Jim Dale version, and LOVING it! This 'review' will essentially consist of my thoughts on the audio experience, and just random insights from re-reading Harry Potter after all these years.

I’ve admit that the first thing that really struck me this time, while I was revisiting this book again, was the not-so-tiny detail/fact of how old our favorite trio were (or rather how young). Yes, I know, I know, it’s common knowledge that they were 11 when this series started, but hear me out…

When I first read this book series, I was 13, so 11 seemed like an acceptable age to be fighting trolls, basilisks & monsters of all sorts really, not to mention the most powerful dark wizard of all time. But now that I’m older and wiser (mostly just older) with a 5 year old of my own, it seems overwhelming how much these kids went through (and conquered) at such a young age. Funny how time can completely change our perspective, right?

Secondly, it was interesting to see the seeds of the Ron-Hermoine relationship being sown as early as the second book. Mostly because when I first read the book series, I was kinda bummed that Harry & Hermoine were not together, as I felt like they would have made the ultimate power couple. Of-course that changed, and over time I was completely on-board the Ron-Hermoine ship, because that pairing just felt right. But now reading the beginning of their relationship again, it makes me wonder how I never saw that Ron & Hermoine were always meant to be together.

- Shantala at Shanaya Tales
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