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29 August 2016
There are many I have met who say they want the 12 step program without the 'spiritual side'. My efforts to 'dissuade' people from this position is greatly enhanced by the content of this book. Rohr's writing is profound and simply put. As he says, there is no shortage of supportive Biblical passages for the 12 steps because it becomes obvious to the reader the Steps were given by Divine Inspiration. I think anyone who approaches this book honestly with an open mind, and the willingness to learn and personally mature will be grateful to the author as well as be surprised and persuaded by the company of God's Holy Spirit.
Wanting sobriety without the 'all of life transformation' seen through this author's eyes is to unnecessarily sell the 12 Steps short, and miss the experience of a deep joy. Richard Rohr lets us know with wonderful clarity and without aggression in his words, the 12 Step program does not exist without the steps that include God. And why would you?
Rohr does not hide behind the simple cliche's of AA as some might, nor does he trot out the religious patter. One of the strengths of the author is the willingness to face the real issue many struggle with between experiencing God without the confusion and contortions of religious culture regardless of any denominational history an individual might have. These religious affiliations are not denigrated at all, rather than honestly and thoughtfully criticized for their sometimes historically misguided priority and failing to adhere strongly to the 'clear cut' message of Jesus.
Coming from the evangelical, protestant tradition myself I had no quarrel with Rohr, although it was challenging, but no more so than any challenges he put to all religious and non religious traditions.
Certainly anyone reading 'Breathing Under Water' will find sincere and honest thinking delivered on each of the 12 Steps and will want to have their Bible and their Big Book close at hand to experience this wonderful and inspirational message of God very able assisted by Richard Rohr a true Servant doing his own 12th step for the benefit of many, certainly this one. My name is Bob, and I'm an alcoholic, but by the Grace of God, I am more than that today. Thank you Richard.
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