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Reviewed in Australia on 26 April 2018
A great spin-off series following on from the wonderful Jewels of the Heart. This time we have the Pearls of Desire which have a sad history attached to them but that help out those with true love in their hearts.
Really liked how Ms Lowe brings the wonderful island of Maui straight into your senses. I can see, smell and feel the lushness of this beautiful island whilst reading.
To really get the best of this book I would suggest reading LURE OF THE TIGER first to get more knowledge about Jenna and her special blood.
In this new series we get some seriously tough alpha men, Connor, his brothers Tim (a bear shifter) and Chance (a wolf shifter) and their brother of the heart Dell (a lion shifter). If you want to know how three brothers are all different shifters you will have to read this story.
In this first story, our Alpha leader Connor is a dragon who is scared of water and is perfect for our mermaid blooded Jenna. He has not always been a good little soldier following orders blindly, unfortunately his brothers tended to follow him so any trouble found them too.
Working for Koa Point means a fresh start, a good steady job and a chance to make something of their lives. Living on Koakea Planation means a chance to set down roots. Connor cannot do anything to mess this up. Meeting and falling for Jenna on the plane to Maui could be one big mess up.
These men are also former special forces soldiers known to the men of Koa Point, who need a place to settle down and call home. The fact they will also be getting the one woman in the whole world who will complete and compliment them is an added component in making this a great series. Thrown into this mix living at Koakea Plantation is a mystery widowed woman, Cynthia, (a dragon shifter) and her adorable little boy Joey.
Jenna is fleeing to Koa Point and her sister Jody. The chance of working for Teddy Akoa making surf boards in one not to be missed but getting away from her stalker is what prompted this quick change of direction in her life.
Meeting the tough silent Connor on the plane and feeling safe in his presence gives Jenna the chance to sleep for the first time in weeks. Finding out he is living on the plantation next door to Koa Point gives them the chance to spend time together.
Love how this story flows and the surprise with Jenna’s stalker was good.
Cannot wait to read Cynthia’s story as well as the rest of the boys.
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