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10 April 2014
Alice in Zombieland is my first Gena Showalter experience and boy o boy, what an experience. It has taken me a while to pick this one up and I definitely regret not doing it sooner. I totally loved Ali and Cole. Talk about a bunch of sizzling hot bodies **woo hoo**. Who could not love Cole and his crew, really? You can always spot an experienced author when the writing style is just exquisite and I was so addicted to this book. AMAZING!

Alice Bell isn’t the typical teenager daughter. For her 16th birthday she begged her parent’s to let them watch Emma’s ballet recital and then in the next moment everything got turned upside down. Throughout her life, Ali has been locked behind doors and forbidden to venture out at night in case a monster was to attack, but she always thought her father to be a drunk crazy man, until that fateful night.

Ali is now living with her Grandparents and starting a new school after summer. Until then she turns into her father watching out her window every night for monsters. Seeing strange images Ali thinks it’s just her imagination. THEN she started school and everything faded away except Cole Holland.

Ali spots Cole and his gang, looking into his eyes everybody else disappeared and a vision of them kissing hits her hard. Breaking from the vision, Cole storms off with a scowl on his beautifully rough face and Ali is confused. Everybody warns Ali to stay away from Cole and his gang, but she is drawn to him and each day she walks in and the same thing happens. Ali doesn’t like confrontation and runs from Cole, but she can’t avoid him forever.

At a club for the first time with her friends and Cole busts in on their dance party, Ali and Cole start kissing and getting so carried away. Needing air, Ali heads outside with Cole close on her tail. The first thing she notices is the smell of rot. Cole went into attack mode and Ali finally answered his questions, yes she could see the monsters, but Cole calls them ZOMBIES.

There’s another crew hunting zombies, but they have different priorities. Ali discovers a journal about zombie slaying and has no clue who has written it. Cole tries to turn Ali away, but when she proves herself as a slayer, he doesn’t stand a chance. Ali is being hunted by zombies, Cole is giving off mixed signals and with her strange abilities, Ali has a tough journey ahead. Will Cole and Ali finally get it together? Can they slay all the zombies before Ali gets captured? Why is she being hunted?

There are so many elements happening in this book that I just can’t do it justice. Ms Showalter is a genius and I will be picking up Through the Zombie Glass ASAP. This book has everything, action, romance, suspense, intrigue, betrayal and heartache; and I highly HIGHLY recommend this book to everybody.
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