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Reviewed in Australia on 17 May 2018
OMG this series is slowly becoming one of my favourites. In this book we follow the story of Ares Berger, he’s Zeus’s brother and the quieter one of the two. Infact he’s that quiet that he hardly ever talks, he does tend to grunt a lot. He’s big on sending an SMS to family and his hockey team mates, these usually include a funny picture. Ares doesn’t think it’s worth his effort to talk when he doesn’t have anything to say. He’s good at acting dumb, but he’s far from it. Sadly Ares hurts his ankle and is forced off the ice, he’s really not happy about it. We also get reacquainted with Felicity Murphy, Nicks sister, she’s given the task to look after Ares and let him stay at Grammy’s House with her, and help him recover. Felicity is an interesting person, she talks a lot, and a lot of times in different voices and not moving her lips. She has several ventriloquist dolls she uses. These two spend a lot of time together, along with Grammy’s ghost, who does some funny things. I gotta say I love Ares pet, it’s very fitting for him. So what happens when this beauty and this beefcake spend so much time together??? Will Ares finally find his voice???? Or will Felicity annoy the crap out of him with all her talking????? I loved the interaction between these two characters and look forward to ready about more of hockey team mates.
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4.8 out of 5
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