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23 April 2019
I was contacted by amazon and they sent me a new unit, which fixed my reboot problems. Much happier now. Some aspects of the UI are a bit clunky, but for streaming it works great. It would be nice if some of the Australian streaming services were available such as iview.

*old review*
I've had a lot of issues with this device. It liked to randomly reboot when I used the remote to navigate between elements. I think I had at least 5 restarts just doing the initial installs. I found a web page that said to try unplugging other hdmi devices and that helped a lot. I have a 3 way hdmi splitter that had a nintendo switch plugged into it, so when I took it out the fire stick stopped rebooting all the time. But having said that the problem is still not completely gone, it will randomly restart, just not as often. I would have liked for the device to just replace the chrome cast, but since there is no app for abc iview or animelab its not feasible.
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