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Customer Review

5 June 2019
I will start off with how they felt, while they did feel weird at first (due to being used to overear headphones) the longer I used them the more comfortable they felt, however I note that they did tend to fall out when I first started using them, but after finding the right spot they were near impossible to shake out.. The controls are very handy and easy to use, the only fault I could find and I may be missing something here, is the skip and replay buttons, when only using one piece I only had access to one function, though to be fair it isnt a big issue because majority of the time I want to skip therefore I just use the right earphone. Battery life thus far has been outstanding, I havent needed to charge the case even once yet. Which brings me to the quality. In my opinion compared to the overear headphones I have the quality is quite similar therefore I applaud the earphones on being able to keep up with the quality of my overear since they are much more compact. They also have pretty good noise cancellation.

TLDR version: Comparing the quality over price with my overear headphones, the Earphones are just as good with a cheaper pricetag.
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5.0 out of 5 stars