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3 December 2018
I can't begin to tell you, in a review, how this book has affected me. It was so wonderfully written, the characters are just perfect, although flawed in many ways, but you just couldn't help but love them. This is the second book in Confessions Of The Heart series and it seriously blew my mind, captured my heart and made it beat just that little bit faster while reading Grace and Ian's story.

Ian, what a wonderfully complex character. He bought out more emotions in me than I could ever imagine. A broken man with a horrible abusive past, believing he is worthless and deserves nothing but what fate is dealing him, that is until he meets Grace. What a beautiful soul Grace is, patient, giving, loyal but she is in deep trouble and needs help fast.

I believe A. L. Jackson has excelled herself with this story; don't get me wrong all of the books I have read by this author have been a joy to read, but this one was very special. It has everything you could ever want in a book, which made it perfect for me. There was angst and twists galore, nail-biting moments that had me holding my breath in anticipation, as well as despair, guilt, love, hate and so many overwhelming moments that made me gasp and cry, that at times my heart felt so full it was ready to burst. Yes, it was that good.

This is without a doubt my top read for 2018. It is an absolutely phenomenal work by this very talented author and not one to be missed !!!
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4.8 out of 5 stars