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29 April 2017
This tale of two very different sisters is in my top 3 favourite works of Jane Austin. If you have ever been the responsible one in a family of dreamers this book will really appeal.

As in 'Pride and Prejudice' the bond between sisters forms the heart of the story, as Austin's bond with her real life sister Cassandra was at the heart of her life. The heroines of 'Sense and Sensibility' are Elinor and her younger sister Marianne. If they were in the current world Marianne would be a hippie and Elinor an accountant. Marianne gives her heart away to the first hot guy she meets because he reads her romantic poetry. Eleanor can't go public about her feelings for a man because it would not be the responsible thing to do.

Much of the drama comes from Marianne following her heart and getting it broken. Like Elinor I grew impatient with Marianne's free spirit ways, but I admired her emotional courage. Elinor is also a great heroine, full of fortitude and common sense, so when she finally falls apart it has a massive impact. The romance is sweet, the family scenes are quite endearing. This is Austin's most warm hearted novel, and often very funny. Highly recommended.
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