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Reviewed in Australia on 15 February 2019
This was absolutely perfect, a short prequel story before the much anticipated wait for Zero Tolerance to be released.

I have always adored Zero and loved hearing about him in all the other Lost Kings books, so "Zero Hour" was perfect as it gave us a deeper look into how he and Lilly came about.

Vice President of 'Lost Kings MC' Zero sets his eyes on the stunning Lilly whilst out one night with his President and best friend Rock, it is definitely lust at first sight. He is happy with sex without strings, and never has a problem filling his bed at night. Once he has that first taste of Lilly he knows he has met his match, she isn't like all the other girls that want him to keep coming back. She's feisty, confident, strong has a sexual appetite that rivals Z, has a foul mouth and isn't trying to get him in a relationship.

Lilly is Hope's best friend (Rock's love interest) and knows all about the MC through her, she too meets Zero for the first time and sexual sparks fly. She is fiercely independent, extremely smart, sassy and seductively beautiful. She is like a female version of Z so their casual hook-ups should work out perfect for them both... and it does... until it doesn't.

They both have had the "No desire to be in a relationship" talk but the more they see each other, the more Z wants everything with Lilly. We can start to see they also have more in common than we think. They have family problems, relatable issues with disappointing their families and the constant picking out their flaws weighs heavily on them.

I loved seeing the dynamic of these two strong characters , loved the chemistry , and whist at times frustrating seeing them not get it together in showing each other their real feelings , I can already see how explosive "Zero Tolerance" will be.

I am definitely not a fan of the way Lilly left but there are always two sides to every story and I cannot wait to find out hers.

If you are new to this series start at the very beginning, you will be thanking me. So addictive and you will be falling in love with all the characters involved.

Autumn Jones Lake in my eyes is a Mermaid , that mythical creature so rare , her talents are endless and her stories hit you in the heart and stay there permanently. This was exquisitely written, congratulations and cannot wait for Zero Tolerance to Release.
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