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Customer Review

30 August 2014
Secret McQueen is a 22 year old gun toting 5"4 blonde bombshell, a half vampire and half werewolf hybrid. Unlike most vampires and werewolves, Secret was born, not made. Because of this not many are privy to the knowledge of what she is. She keeps it 'secret'. Not too happy with either half of her genetic make up she's been a bounty hunter of rogue vamps for the vampire council for the last 6 years. When she was a 16 year old nobody she came across a particularly nasty rogue, Alexandre Peyton who almost finished her off. 6 years later Secret McQueen is a name known and feared among rogues. Unfortunately for Secret, Peyton has returned to finish her off armed with the knowledge of what she is and has put in place a coup that would kill her and those close to her.

During the book we meet the people that make up her family: a human involved in supernatural hunts, a vampire liaison who seems to have to answer for her mistakes like a parent with an errant child, a police detective who believes the supernatural exists and uses Secrets special skills and an Oracle who may or may not be Marilyn Munroe. We also meet the werewolf king and his 2nd in command who are convinced Secret is soul bonded to them in some weird menage-a-trois connection that seems a little too pat for me. Then there's this even weirder connection to one of the members on the ruling council of vampires that made absolutely no sense. I like it! So many different plot turns and twists....

This is the first book I have read from Sierra Dean and I enjoy Secrets independent nature to get things done her own way. It's also very well written without making Secret into a snarky female intent on shoving her independence down everyones throats and then turning around and demanding they all help her. I am fervently wishing that this continues throughout the series rather than declining as she meets with various men who she suddenly can't seem to do anything without. Fingers crossed! Onward to the next book!
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3.0 out of 5 stars